Xamarin, Binding, enums and IValueConverter: how to improve your XAML.

Sometimes we need to show a custom value in our XAML and this operation is not always immediate but with this tutorial you'll discover how easy it is.

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Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 is now Available

Finally the new version of Visual Studio 2017 is here.

As usual let's see the new features inside this releases and the changes for Xamarin:

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Improve your MVVM code with Fody and PropertyChanged

The MVVM and Fody

The MVVM (Model, View, ViewModel) pattern helps you to organise and structure your code to create better apps.

With this pattern you can split your code in 3 main parts:

Model: Where you put your data

ViewModel: It's the logic of your app and a link between the Model and the View

View: It's the UI of your app (usually written in XAML)

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How to change dynamically your listview using templates

Basically all the apps use a Listview to show one or more list of items.
Sometimes you want to change the appearance of your items according to some parameter (for example inside the same page, sometimes you want to show partial forms, other times completed forms and so on).

Let's see how easily you can achieve this in Xamarin.

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Visual Studio 15.7: A great improvement for Xamarin

Finally a new version of Visual Studio is here and it seems great.

As usual let's see the release note from the Visual Studio website.

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IMPORTANT: Visual Studio 15.6.5 adds support for Xcode 9.3

Today Microsoft has released a new version of Visual Studio to add support for Xcode 9.2

This is a FUNDAMENTAL update for Visual Studio and Xamarin as with the old version you cannot compile code for Apple (you can read theĀ article here).

Let’s see now the complete Release notes:

  • VS 15.6 does not respect the ‘apply server settings to all users (store in project

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IMPORTANT: Xcode version 9.3 is not yet compatible with Xamarin. Don’t update

UPDATE 4/4/2018: Microsoft has released the version 15.6.5 for Visual Studio that adds support for XCode 9.3. You can read more here.

The current Xamarin tool for Visual Studio 15.6.4 is not compatible yet with Xcode 9.3 so if you update Xcode to this version, you will not be able to compile your iOS projects anymore.

In case you are still using the Xcode version 9.2, disable the auto update.

If your mac has already updated Xcode to the new version 9.3 and you need to compile your projects for Apple, then you need to uninstall Xcode 9.3, disable the auto update and install Xcode version 9.2.

You can download Xcode version 9.2 from here:


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Xamarin is already working on it but probably it will take some days.

I will update this post as soon as the issue will be solved. read more

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How to invert a boolean value in XAML with a IValueConverter

In this post we'll how is possible to invert a boolean value in our XAML page using a Converter

Let's say that we have a Label that should be visible only if a boolean property is false.

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How to add a Checkbox in Xamarin.Forms

We are going to show step by step how to create a Checkbox for Xamarin.Forms with a very simple code without the use of Custom Renderers.

This checkbox will work on every platform: Android, iOS, UWP... and the final result will be something like...

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