Safe Notes:20 free codes for you to unlock the full version of the Android app

As a gift for you, to celebrate the new release of Safe Notes, here for you 20 codes for Android to unlock the full version of the app. If a code doesn’t work, it means that another user has already used it so you should try the following one. If you use one of the codes, if possible, leave a comment on this page indicating the code used so that others can avoid the used codes and directly take the not used ones. I’ll try to strikeout the used codes when a new comment with the used code appears.

The App

Safe Notes keeps your notes safe using a password and does it in a very stylish way. Here few screenshots (They are from the older version, the new version is so much cooler 🙂 )

Key Features

* Password protection. Protect your notes and checklist with password and lock the whole notepad app with your PIN.

* Offline access. Access your notes even without internet connection.

* Autosave. The notepad will save your notes automatically while you edit them.

* Tags. Organise your notes and to do list with labels to find them easily.

* Search function. Easy search notes and filter tags.

* Preferred Notes. Set note importance.

* Fast memo. Import text data directly from another source. Copy and paste from your phone to your note.

* Simple and intuitive user experience. Create. Edit. Delete.

* Photo support. Add photos and images to your secure notes.

* Colours. Use colours to categorise notes by importance, tags or subject or just make your notepad more fun.

* Tick the completed tasks.

* Share. Send and share individual note to yourself or another contact if you need.

* Unlimited text size.

* Multi languages.

* Off-line security. You are the only one that knows your password and everything that you write and save it is stored only on your phone instead of app and database. You don’t have to trust any other third-party as nobody else have access to it. Nothing is stored online where someone could potentially read it. 100% privacy protection.

The Google Play Store Link

You can find the app here:

The Codes

  • B8KAFYQH1AG306D67SB23M5
  • 2R1P6G9QXG2U8R6WZZ5Y114
  • C361MDZLF451T5G6TVK1Y1N
  • 5054T79143W9RH6KASL06YX
  • BZ6XCM56W8TM4LNK2532K42