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ADAL Plugin for Xamarin

ADAL Plugin for Xamarin\r\rIt is a very intuitive Plugin to enable Microsoft Authenticator on Xamarin.\rIt requires only 1 line of code.\r\rRELEASE NOTE\r\rv.1.0: First Release\r\rSETUP\r\r* Install into your PCL/.NetStandard project and Client projects.\r* The Nuget package will automatically install the Microsoft ADAL package version 3.19\r\rHOT TO USE IT\r\rTo authenticate an user you need to add this single line of code:\r\rAuthenticationResult data = await MTADAL.Current.Authenticate(Authority, ResourceUri, ClientId, ReturnUri);\r\rwhere Authority, ResourceUri, ClientId, ReturnUri are the strings containing your authentication data.\r\rSupported Platforms\r\r* Android\r* iOS\r* UWP\r\rANDROID – IMPORTANT\r\rInside the OnCreate method of your MainActivity , add this line:\rMTADAL.Current.Init(this);\rjust after\rXamarin.Forms.Forms.Init(this, bundle);\r\rLINKS\r* Available on Nuget:\r* Tutorial:\r* To report any issue: