How to change dynamically your listview using templates

Basically all the apps use a Listview to show one or more list of items.
Sometimes you want to change the appearance of your items according to some parameter (for example inside the same page, sometimes you want to show partial forms, other times completed forms and so on).

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IMPORTANT: Visual Studio 15.6.5 adds support for Xcode 9.3

Today Microsoft has released a new version of Visual Studio to add support for Xcode 9.2

This is a FUNDAMENTAL update for Visual Studio and Xamarin as with the old version you cannot compile code for Apple (you can read theĀ article here).

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Improve your code with LINQ – How to speed up your Xamarin and .Net app

Usually a desktop platform has a lot of available resources so many developers tend to avoid to improve the quality of their code.
On a mobile platform the resources are quite limited and improving the code could make a huge difference. It can transform a slow and annoying app in a great fast and great one.

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