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Today Microsoft has released a new version of Visual Studio to add support for Xcode 9.2

This is a FUNDAMENTAL update for Visual Studio and Xamarin as with the old version you cannot compile code for Apple (you can read the?article here).

Let’s see now the complete

Release notes:

  • VS 15.6 does not respect the ‘apply server settings to all users (store in project file)’.
  • Project could not be opened because Visual C# 2017 compiler was not created.
  • NuGet Package Manager only sees latest package versions after manually clearing cache.
  • Lost IIS Server Settings.
  • Visual Studio hangs during Nuget package update.
  • Installer throws unexpected error and saved changes to Solution2.sln are not saved.
  • C:\\Windows\\temp?fills up with .itrace files after upgrade to 15.5.6.
  • vstest.console.exe?fails test run with socket exception.
  • This release includes support for Xcode 9.3.

There are a couple of important issues fixed in this release but definitely the support for Xcode 9.3 is the most important feature of this update.

You can update Visual Studio going on Help -> Check for Updates or you can install Visual Studio from here:

UPDATE 4/4/2018: Microsoft has released the version 15.6.5 for Visual Studio that adds support for XCode 9.3. You can read more here.

The current Xamarin tool for Visual Studio 15.6.4 is not compatible yet with Xcode 9.3 so if you update Xcode to this version, you will not be able to compile your iOS projects anymore.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2017

In case you are still using the Xcode version 9.2, disable the auto update.

If your mac has already updated Xcode to the new version 9.3 and you need to compile your projects for Apple, then you need to uninstall Xcode 9.3, disable the auto update and install Xcode version 9.2.

You can download Xcode version 9.2 from here:

Xamarin is already working on it but probably it will take some days.

I will update this post as soon as the issue will be solved.

Microsoft has released the version 15.6.3 of Visual Studio and it contains several fixes some of them for Xamarin.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 15.6.3 – Release note

  • Esc key doesn’t close Peek Definition Window.
  • wpp.targets file execution not working after update to version 15.6.
  • Project loaded via File->Open->CMake throws exception and CMake cache is not generated..
  • Version 15.6 update crashes Xamarin code with NullReferenceException with next scenario.
  • XCode Tools installation fails after version 15.6 update.
  • Anaconda 5.0.0 Completion DB is not up to date and hitting refresh fails.
  • Cannot run NUnit tests after version 15.6.1 update.
  • Visual Studio 2017 fails to launch from the command line when launched using 8.3 file name path.
  • Version 15.6.0 breaks when VisualStudio\\Telemetry\\TurnOffSwitch is set to 0.
  • Visual Studio Community 2017 auto closes after version 15.6 update..
  • CMake generation never stops after version 15.6.1 update.
  • Opening a solution with tests, and clicking any toolbar item in Test Explorer causes VS to crash.

I have highlighted the two bugs for Xamarin that now have been fixed.Those bugs are quite annoying so, especially if you use Xamarin, it’s very important to update Visual Studio to the  version 15.6.3 If you want to try the Visual Studio Preview Version, you can find it clicking here

Microsoft has released a preview version 15.7 of Visual Studio 2017.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2017

There are few improvements around Xamarin so could be quite interesting to see the release notes.As it is a Preview release, you shouldn’t use if for production code.

Release Notes


  • IntelliTrace?s step-back debugging feature is now supported for debugging .NET Core projects.
  • Debugging large solutions with /Debug:fastlink PDBs is more robust.
  • Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin can now automatically install missing Android API levels required by Xamarin.Android projects.
  • We added a limited preview of a new Python debugger based on the popular open source pydevd debugger.
  • We have improved Kestrel HTTPs support during debugging.
  • The Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK Build 17110 can now be installed as an optional component with the Universal Windows Platform.
  • We added support for NuGet package signatures.

Bug Fixed

  • .NET Core failed due to dependency on Microsoft.VisualStudio.AspNetDiagnosticPack.Msi.
  • Update to Visual Studio 2017T15.4 generates multiple package errors.
  • Add Option to Disable format on paste for razor code in razor/cshtml files.
  • Visual Studio auto formatter breaks complex razor code.
  • Update error: PackageId:Microsoft.VisualStudio.AspNetDiagnosticPack.Msi;PackageAction:Uninstall;ReturnCode:1603;.


This release includes Xamarin.iOS 11.10 and Xamarin.Android 8.3.

Automatic Android SDK Management

When a Xamarin.Android project is loaded, Visual Studio can now determine if the Android API level used by the project is missing from your machine and automatically install it for you in the background. To enable this feature, go to Tools > Options > Xamarin > Android Settings > Auto Install Android SDKs.


You can download the Preview version of Visual Studio 2017 from here:

If instead of the preview version you want to use a stable one, give a look here:

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