Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6 just released

Visual Studio

Microsoft today has released Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6

Release Note

  • We improved solution load performance by optimizing design time build.
  • We’ve added installation progress details on Visual Studio Installer.
  • You can pause your installation and resume at a later time.
  • We streamlined the update process so the notification takes you directly to the Installer.
  • Non-administrators can create a VS layout.
  • We added a new shortcut for Edit.Duplicate in the keyboard mapping.
  • We made significant improvements to the F# language and tools, particularly for .NET Core SDK projects.
  • The C++ compiler optimizes your code to run faster through improved optimizations.
  • C++ Mapfile generation overhead is reduced in full linking scenarios.
  • Debug options are available for Embedded ARM GCC support.
  • We added strong name signing on CoreCLR for the C# compiler.
  • Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin has lots of new productivity updates for iOS and Android developers.
  • Python no longer requires a completion DB, and Anaconda users have support for conda.
  • The Performance Profiler’s CPU Usage Tool can display logical call stacks for asynchronous code.
  • The CPU Usage tool displays source line highlighting and async/await code with logical ‘Call Stack Stitching’.
  • The debugger supports thread names set via SetThreadDescription APIs in dump debugging.
  • Snapshot Debugging can be started from the Debug Target dropdown for ASP.NET applications.
  • We’ve launched the initial implementation of Navigate to decompiled sources for .NET code navigation.
  • New enhancements for Configure Continuous Delivery include support for TFVC, Git authentication over SSH, and containerized projects.
  • You can now click on the Continuous Delivery tile in Team Explorer to configure automated build and deployments for your application.
  • Team Explorer supports Git tags and checking out pull request branches.
  • Service Fabric Tooling for the 6.1 Service Fabric release is now available.
  • The Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK can be installed as an optional component.
  • File versions for a number of Visual Studio executables now reflect the minor release.
  • Test Explorer has a hierarchy view and real time test discovery is now on by default.
  • We have added support for testing Win10 IoT Core applications.
  • Visual Studio Build Tools supports TypeScript and Node.js.
  • ClickOnce Tools support signing application and deployment manifests with CNG certificate.
  • You can access Azure resources such as Key Vault using your Visual Studio accounts.

And the Top issued fixed:

  • Visual Studio may freeze or crash when running on a pen-enabled machine.
  • Resizing of windows is not reliable.
  • .NET Core Projects containing special characters fail to restore NuGet packages or build.
  • Test Explorer Default Architecture not remembered.
  • Solution Explorer does not remain pinned after closing Visual Studio.
  • Regular UI freezes during debug session.
  • File names revert to lower case when re-opening a project.
  • Mouse cursor sticks on the Pointer (Hand) icon.
  • VSIXAutoUpdate crashes on scheduled task.
  • Start-up generates “We’ve noticed that a tool window ‘Error List’ is slowing Visual Studio.” alert.
  • Quick Launch no longer displays results after toggling to full screen.
  • XAML Activity designer throws OutOfMemoryException due to failed assembly reference resolution.
  • Cannot Stop/Cancel Debugged Unit Tests when using Selenium WebDriver.
  • When using the /quiet switch, vsixinstaller.exe does not exit at the end of installation.

This is the official page to get more info:

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