Today Microsoft has released a new version of Visual Studio to add support for Xcode 9.2

This is a FUNDAMENTAL update for Visual Studio and Xamarin as with the old version you cannot compile code for Apple (you can read the article here).

Let’s see now the complete Release notes:

  • VS 15.6 does not respect the ‘apply server settings to all users (store in project file)’.
  • Project could not be opened because Visual C# 2017 compiler was not created.
  • NuGet Package Manager only sees latest package versions after manually clearing cache.
  • Lost IIS Server Settings.
  • Visual Studio hangs during Nuget package update.
  • Installer throws unexpected error and saved changes to Solution2.sln are not saved.
  • C:\Windows\temp fills up with .itrace files after upgrade to 15.5.6.
  • vstest.console.exe fails test run with socket exception.
  • This release includes support for Xcode 9.3.

There are a couple of important issues fixed in this release but definitely the support for Xcode 9.3 is the most important feature of this update.

You can update Visual Studio going on Help -> Check for Updates

or you can install Visual Studio from here:

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