In this post we’ll how is possible to invert a boolean value in our XAML page using a Converter

Let’s say that we have a Label that should be visible only if a boolean property is false. In the next example in our XAML we have a Label with the text bound to MyText and this label should be visible only if the boolean property HideMyText is false:

How we can do that? An amateur will create a new property ShowMyText whose value will be:

ShowMyText = !HideMyText

If you want to be a mediocre developer you can stop here because it works but if you want to be a great developer, then this solution is not for you and you should continue to read!


To solve our problem we need to create a converter that will invert our boolean value. This is really easy, we just need to create a new class BooleanConverter (you can user whatever name you prefer):

and then use this new converter in our XAML:

So now in our XAML we have a label that is visible when HideMyText is false. YEAH!

You need to write this converter only once and then you can use it every time you need it. It’s amazing!


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